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AS2 - What is it and How it can help you?

AS2 is an http based Client-Server program to transfer files between two systems. It can be used to transmit any type of data however you can restriction as to what kind of data is transmitted. If you set the message content type as ANSI X12, only this standard data will be allowed and other data will be rejected.

AS2 must be installed on two systems to exhcange data. The same software acts as a Server as well as a Client. Both parties will be required to share their configuration which includes an AS2 ID (Unique on both sides), HTTP url for receiving messages, certificate for data encryption and signing. The communication can be made secured by using an SSL certificate. Both parties have an option to either use a self signed created certificate or a third party certificate like Godaddy, Symantec, Digicert, Rapid SSL. Now a days, most organizations are opting for a CA certified certificates. The exhcnage partners will also need to specify the Encryption Algorithm and MDN mode. MDN is a Message Disposition Notification which is given by a receiver to the sender when a message is received. For every single message an MDN is generated, either successful or unsuccessful. Every AS2 transfer will have an unique Message ID, similarly every MDN will have an unique MDN Message ID. This information can be used to for tracing transfers.

The sender initiates a transfer.
The sender encrypts the file with the receiver’s public key;
The sender signs the file with the sender’s private key;
The sender transmits the whole message to the receiver’s AS2 server;
The sender posts file on the receivers AS2 URL.
The receiver identifies the sender by AS2 ID;
The receiver validates the file with the sender’s public key;
The receiver decrypts the file with the receiver’s private key;
The receiver sends an MDN back to the sender, encrypted and signed (reverse of the keys above), acknowledging the successful receipt of the file;
The sender verifies the MDN and the transfer is complete.

MDN is not dependent on message content. It just checks if the sender is valid, data is encrypted with correct certificates.

Due to encryption and signing of message content, there is no threat for messgage integrity. In the early days (2005) the Drummond Group and its certification were critical to getting all the new AS2 developers on board and adhering to the standard. Now the need for that is less as there is plenty of existing AS2 to test new systems against. Either they work or they don’t.

Drummond Group certification is very important for any AS2 software as it validates interportability between different AS2 vendors.

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