EDI VAN (Value Added Network)

RV Solutions EDI uses IBM VAN for all it's customers. The Industry leading Value Added Netwrok that helps you connection barriers with your trading community.

Value Added Network

RV Solutions EDI uses IBM EDI VAN to connect to the Trading Community.

This solution consists of flexible cloud solutions to help optimize your B2B process automation. The suite of services includes IBM® Sterling Information Broker®, as well as community services, transformation services, visibility services, and software-as-a service.

The solution is built on a security-rich and flexible service-oriented architecture (SOA), enabling it to process up to 5 million transactions a day from virtually any system, of virtually any data type, format, and/or communication protocol. It helps you overcome the barriers of incompatible systems and standards to help you do business with virtually anyone, anywhere.

IBM VAN has the following benefits,

Enables “virtually any partner, virtually any format” capability
Faster reaction to marketplace changes
Increased data protection
Improved B2B processes And more.

Benefits of RV EDI VAN Solutions

Industry leading VAN Solution

Lowest Kilo Character Rate

Better Reporting

Greater Visibility to Data Flow

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