Web Services

SOAP and REST API Integration

Access data through API

Companies are moving away from traditional data integration methods which allowed direct access to the database to a more secured form in Application Partner Interfaces (API).

APIs can be accesed through either SOAP or REST. Both have their own advantages. Recent studies have shown a surge in Web Service adoption by major retailers and marketplace players. For some there is no other way to access the data except for APIs.

Marketplace players like Best Buy, Walmart, Rakuten, Amazon give access to the sellers through Web Services. Since every company like Netsuite have its own way of Web Service set up, it becomes challenging to companies to have an inftrastructure to connect to all these APIs.

RV EDI Solutions Connectors makes integration through Web Services a very simple process. We have integration connectos which already working with customers to integrate data through Web Services for Walmart, Amazon, Purolator, Netsuite, Best Buy and many more. We have a team of API experts who can set up any new Web Service connection.

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