RV Solution EDI Grid

Hosted EDI communication server for AS2, VAN, FTP, SFTP, OFTP2

RV Solutions EDI Grid

We offer a powerful hosted EDI communication server for small to medium sized companies. The Grid offers multiple communication adapters like VAN, AS1, AS2, AS3, FTP, SFTP, OFTP2

Companies can connect to their Trading Partners with any communication mode.

The Grid will act as a destination point for the your company to send/receive EDI/ Non-EDI messages. 

We provide a free FTP client so that you can connect to RV Grid.

RV Grid will do all the maintenance, upgrades and security so that your data is secured.

All our servers are TLS1.2 compliant.

Features and Benefits

Single Point Instance

Uptime of 99.99%

Unlimited AS2 flow

Lowest VAN rates

TLS1.2 SSL Compliant

24/7 Support

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