Integrated EDI

RV Solutions offers EDI connector

Connect to your ERP, WMS, TMS, Accounting, Shipping Carrier System and Online Marketplaces

Integration through Web Services, Database read/write/update functions Or file integration

RV Solutions - Integration Connectors

For situations in which large volumes of transactions are processed, our EDI connector has the capacity to process large batches of business transactions in real time.

Our solutions for large volumes are designed to withstand heavy message traffic, enable security monitoring, and provide ongoing platform maintenance.

These solutions are fully automated, integrated with your ERP or internal computer system. Thus, the processing of messages sent and / or received is done automatically by preset configurations. This results in the ability to automate the construction of these messages from the information residing in the ERP when they are outgoing, or convert the data to the proprietary language of the computer system to integrate into it when they are incoming. Thus, the processing of large volumes of transactions between partners is done without human intervention, rapidly and efficiently without changing internal processes.

Our Integration Connectos

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